TOBBANNIE PLAUDIT - Our Wonderful Annie!
Great Grandaughter of Prince Plaudit, World, National & Grand Champion
Sixth Great-Granddaughter of Plaudit, 1898 Kentucky Derby Winner
Twentyfifth Great Grandaughter of Old Bald Peg, Thoroughbred Foundation Mare

Equine Business Marketing
Custom solutions & traditional print media publishing
Advertisements -- Artwork -- Brochures -- Business -- Campaigns -- Catalogs -- Fliers -- Graphics
Newspapers -- Public Relations -- Print Media -- Publishing

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Marketing The Equine Industry

  The noble steed... a perfect picture of spirit and beauty, a sweet combination of speed and strength! And surely one of the most loyal companions a cowboy or girl could ever have. We love our four-legged friends, and we are sure to give them the best care possible, and there is an endless supply of health, supplement and nutrition products, tack, riding gear, equipment and treats & gifts that we bestow upon them.

When I was a kid, I happily graduated from Breyer collectibles & figurines with my miniature barn, fences and trailers to the status of an equestrian as a result of the arrival of my dream pony - a paint named Champ from that famous island off the Virginia seacoast. Other then an abundance of love, good vet health care from a well schooled veterinarian, saddle, tack and grooming supplies, we didn't need much else to ride off into the sunset.

However, today there is an ever growing supply of products for sale, and savvy marketers are racing to create new sales opportunities by wisely betting on the loving and gentle care that every owner and rider saves for just their steed.

Like most folks that saddle up, race or show, I've always subscribed to several journals, and have found health, riding, training, trailering and tack information through product ads and feature articles in these trade publications. Looking through the most current issues, I found pictures and descriptions of items that did not even exist when I received issue #1 of Equus back in the late 1970's. This is a robust trade, and every business in this arena can greatly prosper with the right guidance.

While we are owners and riders living in the Lone Star State with the highest national steed population and simply wild about these wonderful creatures, we are also professionals, and we will help you increase your revenue through effective promotion.

Our first commericial job in this field was a themed billboard for a fund raiser to benefit a hospital - way back in 1974! That's over thirty years ago. We've been at this for a long time, and we offer our experience to you.

Whether you are a custom trailer manufacturer or a distributor of riding equipment, a retailer of gifts & jewelry or producing miniature figurines & statues, cowboy collectibles or carousels, involved in training or breeding and reproduction, running a farm or a dude ranch, we are able to proficiently and affordably promote your products to this growing economy.

If you manufacture tack or an integral part of the equine supply chain; are involved in care, health, nutrition and supplements; training or breeding and reproduction, a veterinarian or specializing in dentistry; providing rescue or massage and therapy... if you are a gifted leathermaker, painting cowboy pictures, selling western art or creating racing jewelry and miniature figurines or perhaps even art depicting Kentucky Derby champions - we will harness our affection for this noble creature and our technical knowledge to make your promotional efforts a blue ribbon winner!

We design and place ads in trade publications, handle any print needs such as design and production of fliers, brochures and catalogs, create eye-catching visuals for exhibitions & trade shows, write feature articles and press releases, handle public relations, concept unique merchandising and packaging, as well as provide consulting.

We would love to have the opportunity to serve you in this terrific field!

Our Print & Online Media services include:

Ad Concept & Creation, Design, Production & Scheduling, Placement & Positioning

Graphic & Visual Creation:
Logo Design; Artwork, Visuals, Banners, Skyscrapers & Animated Graphics; Photography & Photo Retouching

Collateral Material:
Copy Writing, Eagle-eye Proofing, Layout & Production of: Fliers, Newsletters, Price Sheets & Price Lists, Programs, Bulletins, Specification & Data Sheets, Technical Manuals, Anatomical & Photo Charts, Hand-outs, Inserts, and anything else you might need!

Direct Mail & Direct Response:
Creation and implementation of theme and materials.

Public Relations & Publicity:
Press Releases & Promotion, Announcements, PR, Press Kits, Feature Article Writing.

Packaging & Package Layout & Designs; Point-of-Purchase (POP) & Point-of-Sale (POS); Ad Specialities - i.e., T-Shirts, Jackets, Mugs, Note Pads, Mouse Pads, etc.; Sample Kits; Incentive Travel Packages.

Analysis & Selection of Publications, Directories, Traders & Swappers, Photo Classifieds, etc.
Scheduling & Implementation.

Cost-effective Web, Sheet & Leaf.

Trade Shows, Exhibitions, Expos, Affairs & Sales Meetings:
Editorial meetings, Press Kits, Demonstrations.
Booth Design & Production.
Displays & Presentations.

Corporate Support:
Corporate Identity including logos & trademarks, packaging, stationery & business cards.
Corporate Positioning and Market Research.
Competitive Intelligence, Department Meetings.
Annual Reports, Newsletters & Communications.

Radio, Billboards, Posters.

Directories, Periodicals, Publications, Newspaper, Newsprint, Traders, Swappers.

Book Publishing:
Layout, Design, Production Coordination, Publishing.
Manuscript Work & Eagle-eye Proofing.

Copy Writing & Editorial:
Classifieds Writing & National Placement.

We stretch your dollar further than anyone else and save you money, all the while giving you the best quality you'll find anywhere!

We have worked for and with small, medium and large organizations - Fortune 500 companies - and a variety of manufacturers, as well as for veterinarians, dental technicians and farriers, and our work has included editorial writing, editing, book publishing, artwork, graphics & design, as well as medical illustration (putting that college degree in B.S. in biology to good use!).

We have ridden English, Western, Endurance and competed in fields trials. We have hacked and ridden with the hounds. We have bred, shown and shoveled. We have worked at steeplechasing events, shows and at the race track. We have enjoyed paper chases, showed and trailered. We've galloped over hill and dale and swam with our friends in rivers and the sea. We've fed and watered, brushed and curried, nursed and loved all the neighing souls whom we have had the honor to know.

We know our trade, and that is a winning ticket for you!

Whatever you need to promote to this field, we can and will do it for you, and promise to do it to the best of our ability.

If you provide for equestrian needs such as medicine and vaccines or nutritional supplements, if you install fence or sell tools, ply a leather trade making saddles, bridles and harnesses, or own a company that produces cowboy boots and western motif t-shirts or blankets & turn-outs, we are the folks for you!

If you are in the field of agriculture and farm hay and straw or operate a feed and seed barn, are a farrier who trims & shoes, or involved in any area of breeding, racing or competing, call us!

If you produce carriages, construct buildings, barns or stalls, sell acreage, real estate, farms or ranches; if you provide services such as massage & therapy, or rescue, save and adoption; if you organize shows, affairs or exhibitions; if you run sale barns & auctions; if you administer college and careers for this field; if you provide shipping and transportation; if you sell western t-shirts, apparel, wearables, soft lines, fine art, jewelry, gifts, figurines, statues, collectibles, or miniature carousels; produce management software or VHS & DVD training videos and games - Please be sure to contact us.

This is a race to the finish and we would love to pony with you!

Here is a free tip: we have some recent statistics for you below. These numbers from this exhaustive study are in nodding agreement with what anyone in this arena knows - we dote on our ponies and show it regularly by buying most every imaginable product to bestow upon our faithful friends. And there is no shortage of goods to be had to ensure a safe and stable environment for the well-being of our steeds.

So... Are you ready to increase market share? Would you like to generate new customers while cultivating existing accounts? Can you picture the result of increased revenue? Don't just dream about it anymore! Take a look at the great outlook these recent statistics paint!

Some of the key statistics and indicators reflected in the study include:

Estimated number in the U.S.
Did you know that over 76% of owners participate in showing and recreation?

Did you know that 15% of owners are involved in farm and ranch work, police work, rodeo events and polo?

Did you know that 9% of owners are in some way involved in racing?

*All statistics provided by an economic study by the AHC Washington DC. June 2005

Did you know there are over 200 popular and noteworthy breeds worldwide, used for competition, breeding, showing, recreation, tourism, entertainment, and civic functions, not to mention one of the most important areas where our friend has indeed been our helper - as a worker, pulling a plow so that we may feed our families. Now THAT is a good friend indeed!

When you consider that over 100 of these breeds are represented right here in this great land from sea to shining sea, and that $40 Billion dollars are spent by some 1.9 Million Americans who own over 9.2 million steeds, there is no doubt that this is a viable and prosperous enterprise. We welcome the opportunity to serve you and help you successfully promote your company. Race to your phone and call us today to discuss how we can help you positively impact your bottom line!

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